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Abigail Haas, Staff reporter

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September 24

  • cajun chicken penne
  • smothered burrito
  • roasted vegetables
  • cherry tomatoes with dip
  • sliced pears
  • chef salad

September 25

  • general Tsos chicken or orange chicken
  • uncle ben’s asian style fried rice or lo men noodles
  • broccoli, bell peppers, chow mein noodles and diced carrots
  • mandarin oranges
  • fortune cookie

September 26

  • buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips
  • stromboli- meat lovers with marinara sauce
  • roasted red potatoes
  • baby carrots with dip
  • rosy applesauce
  • cobb salad

september 27

  • popcorn chicken bowl with biscuit
  • ranchero tornado
  • mashed potatoes
  • steamed corn
  • fresh veggie cup
  • fresh fruit cup
  • greek salad

September 28

  • southern chicken drumsticks with macaroni and cheese and cornbread
  • pizza choice
  • southern green beans
  • bakes beans
  • fresh apple slices
  • chicken caesar salad
  • buffalo chicken calzone
About the Writer
Abigail Haas, staff reporter

Abigail is a sophomore at Manatee High School that loves going to the animal shelter to donate food and treats to the cats and dogs. She also likes strawberries,...

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