Lady Canes benched


Mary-Grace Graham, Editor

The Girls’ basketball teams were forced to a halt recently when both JV and varsity got quarantined. This dramatically affected their seasons and the overall dynamic of the teams. JV’s season was ended due to this ordeal and varsity missed several practices and games. Nevertheless, they overcame these challenges and learned the importance of teamwork and practice.

Despite this, many players practiced at home to stay in shape. They had their last practice of the season on Monday, Jan 18. Sophomore Esperanza Lucas felt especially robbed of her season, as she got injured during their first game, which ended her season before it even had the chance to fully start. However, they pushed through these struggles and emerged stronger and smarter than ever.

“I have learned that everything happens for a reason. My injury helped me realize this because I didn’t think I would get injured but I learned that you always have to expect the unexpected,” (Lucas).

Overall, the varsity team had a positive outlook on the unfortunate situation. While being quarantined was not ideal, they used that time to practice at home. Their team dynamic improved in some ways, as they shared the same burden and could talk to each other about how they were dealing with their separation from the court. Being separated from your teammates for two weeks in the middle of your season is no easy task; the lady canes certainly learned this throughout the whole thing.

“As a team it made bonding harder at first just because we weren’t able to be together as much because of quarantine and everything but through it all working through our struggles together helped us grow closer as a team,” (Ty Barkclay).

All in all, the season was a huge learning experience for everyone. Many players discovered that in order to get past the rough patches, communication and dedication are key.