Van Gogh’s life flashing before your eyes


“Van Gogh Alive” is a breathtaking experience like no other. Held at the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg, the exhibit takes you through Van Gogh’s life with larger than life projections of his beautiful works and words.

It was amazing how they were able to incorporate music as well as Van Gogh’s own writings to convey his mental state.”

— Cassandra Leal (10)

This one of a kind art exhibit was definitely an adventure. As Van Gogh’s paintings were projected across the room, music was played to fit the mood. The music changed as the themes of the artwork changed. It fully engulfed the visitors in the life of Van Gogh himself. The paintings came in a sort of order to show the phases of the artist’s short but meaningful life. Visitors could move around the rooms (two small rooms and one large room, all connected) to gain a different perspective and overall experience.

Overall, it is a great way to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh and what he dealt with throughout this life. It was interesting to see how he changed over time and how his paintings evolved with him.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-  As images and works of art flow across the walls, music helps to set the mood. Van Gogh’s life is expressed in multiple ways through different lenses throughout the show. “I would describe the exhibit as an artistic journey through the mind of Van Gogh,” said Leal.

The music definitely added emotion to the experience and reading Van Gogh’s quotes along with his interpretation of his life was a highlight of the experience. By learning his interpretation of things and his interests, looking at his works gives one a new outlook on Van Gogh and perhaps even all artists. However, it can get kind of difficult to catch everything, with all that is going on on each of the walls. Despite this, visitors can stay as long as they want to make sure they get the full experience.

Sophomore Cassandra Leal enjoys art and has had a passion for it since she was young. From an artist’s perspective, she identified how common it is for artists to express their true emotions through solely their works. Van Gogh seemed to do this in many instances. His emotions were then projected onto Leal, and all the other members in the audience.

“Coupling the dramatic music along with the paintings so effectively made me feel different emotions,” said Leal.

All in all, it is a great experience for artists and other people alike. Everyone can take something away from this while walking through Van Gogh’s life.

Following the show, visitors can explore the Salvador Dali  museum exhibit and check out the gift shop and café downstairs. Tickets can be purchased online through The Dali Museum’s website: click here.