Hurricanes of Manatee

The Hurricanes of Manatee portion of the Macohi is modeled after the Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, a project that looked into the lives of everyday people on the streets of New York City. This project eventually became popular worldwide and the journalist/photographer has now published a book featuring people from all walks of life around the world.

Our publication wanted to model this format and feature some of our own students, looking into their lives and explaining who they are, these are their stories.

-The Macohi Staff

Connor Ware (10)
Jemmo Joseph (11)
Zachary Christman (11)
Madalyn Coleman (12)
Riley Cassidy (11)
Ella Spina (9)
Danaga Turner (10)
Kim (Amy) Phung (10)
Joshua Shepherd (12)
Bao Dang (12)
Cristopher Gonzalez (11)
Eriel Crispin
Hurricanes of Manatee: Zoe Wilkerson (11)

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