Full plate


Sierra Bradow (12) takes practice swings off a tee. Bradow excelled in batting with a current average of .440, the highest on her team.

Hannah Kesten, Staff Reporter

Senior Sierra Bradow leads a life many see as demanding and exhausting. Her schedule is filled with hours of homework, closing shifts at Mission Barbeque and late night softball games. However, Bradow has excelled in leading this hectic lifestyle and has come out as one of the top four percent in her class.

Bradow heads to practice every day after school during the softball season. No practice means there’s a game, so she does not have work, but the softball games last longer. She plays catcher and currently has one of the highest batting averages on the team.

Working at Mission Barbeque, Bradow usually gets one day off after school. Her main job is as a cashier, but she helps with Mission’s catering events as well.

During softball season, she works about 15 hours per week. Typically, however, she balances 25 hours of work into her weekly routine.

Although work seems like just another item on her schedule, it can help her feel less stressed as well. By keeping her mind occupied with what’s right in front of her, Bradow can drift away from all the other things she needs to accomplish that day.

“Work’s a good spot to forget about things because while you’re working, you can’t really be focused on other stuff. I just forget about all the homework I have to do when I get home and that stuff. Softball’s kind of the same way since you’re just focused on the game,” said Bradow.

Being in the top four percent, Bradow also has a lot of homework to keep up with. When she’s stressed, her mentality helps her push through.

“Whatever it takes, you gotta do it to get through it,” Bradow said.

She finds motivation through her dad, who brought her up with that mentality and encouraged her to stick with it.

“He’s always been on top of my grades, making sure that I’m doing my best. He wants me to go far. He’s always said that I’m going to go far, like there’s no doubt in his mind, so I’m just trying to make him proud,” Bradow said.

Despite the hustle and bustle of her day, Bradow still finds lots to enjoy about her lifestyle. Her best friends, Angelina and Hailey, work with her at Mission Barbeque, and Angelina is a fellow softball player. These relationships give her motivation to get through everything else.

“I really just love hanging out with my friends. It’s a place to escape,” said Bradow.

Bradow knows that her hobbies and extracurriculars will help her go towards her college plans and a good source of income. “Softball has opened a lot of community service hours to me, and that’s good for Bright Futures, so it definitely has helped,” Bradow said.

Bradow may live a high stress life, but it all has a purpose to her. She proves how strong she is by being willing to find motivation and enjoy the things she does.