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Connor Ware (10)

For many high schoolers, the future is uncertain. However, for Connor Ware, there is a set goal in mind: interior design focusing on kitchens.

Ware combined his previous passion for art and cooking with his father’s occupation as an engineer to develop the career idea of interior design. This all stemmed from creating floorplans in his head and occasionally sketching them. He enjoys picturing the furniture and appliances as well as d├ęcor in different positions based on the shape and structure of the room he is analyzing. Ware’s step mom is his biggest inspiration as she pushes him to keep going. Having someone that is always there to support one’s decisions and promotes them to keep going can lead one to do things they would have never dreamed of.

“My step mom encourages me to pursue interior design and tells me that I have a good eye for deciding the layouts of rooms like kitchens.”

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