Fee deadlines for seniors


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

At the end of a difficult school year, seniors have to deal with confusion about graduation in the age of no senior assemblies  or practice ceremonies. Graduation requirements contain a 2.0 GPA minimum, 24 credits of all required classes and paying off any or all fees.

Mrs. Mickey Guzman, assistant bookkeeper, stated all senior fees can be found on Focus and in the bookkeeping office. Fees must also be paid up in the front office at the bookkeeping department.

“The last day to turn in any books is May tenth and twelfth. The last day to make payments would be May 14,” stated Guzman.

For other seniors who can not afford to pay all their fees, bookkeeping will do their best to assist all students as much as they can.

“They [students] can always come by and talk to us and we will contact their teachers. We cannot make the changes ourselves though we can… see what can be done for our students,” stated Guzman.

Even if seniors meet all other requirements, they can not graduate without paying fees so it is important to focus on that as well as grades this last quarter.

“They [seniors] have to go online… they have to pay all the fees that they have for this school so they can have their diploma,” said Guzman.

If seniors or any other students have questions about fees, they can talk to any of the bookkeeping staff in the front office any school day or go online at https://manateeschools.revtrak.net/high-schools/manatee-high-school/mhs-senior-fee-.