Senior movie night

Senior movie night

Mary-Grace Graham, Editor

While this school year has been far from normal, teachers and other staff members are doing their best to get seniors excited for graduation. With that being said, they have decided to have a senior week, which will consist of fun activities and events for those graduating to participate in. A highlighted event will be senior movie nght.

Senior movie night will be held on the football field on Wednesday, May 12. Blankets will be handed out as well as yearbooks. Ms. Amanda Granstad and other coordinators are working out a way for refreshments to be served, as they are trying to make this the best experience possible.

“We have always wanted to have a movie night, but in previous years have not been able to get it approved. We figured it would be perfect for seniors to have an exclusive movie night,” said Ms. Granstad.

The movie will be chosen based off a vote held on Schoology for seniors. Make sure to check Schoology and the MHS website for other senior updates such as other upcoming activities.

NOTE: If you work for or know of any businesses who may be willing to donate or sponsor senior movie night to keep costs low (grocery stores or restaurants to donate food or beverages), see Ms. Granstad and Ms. Karen Beyer. Thank you!