Sugarcanes take on nationals 2021


Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief

During the end of the school year, most festivities are coming to a close, that includes the Sugarcanes dance team, who over the weekend participated in the Dance National Championships to show their skills and compete in a top dance competition.

The National Championships are put on by Dance Team Union, and the Sugarcanes compete in them annually, placing the past three years they have gone. This year was different though, as the school district almost did not allow them to participate due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but eventually it was decided they would.

Junior Annabelle Bennett talks about how this year, even the competition was unique due to the pandemic.

“It was different this year because some teams competed online and others in person. Different modalities had different judges so that was very new.”

Despite the new challenges, Bennett believes the girls gave their best efforts, and put in everything they could. And it turned out in their favor. This year the Sugarcanes placed fourth in the nation in their category.

“I think we did amazing, we really put our best efforts out there and left it all on the dance floor,” said Bennett.

In true Sugarcanes fashion, the group will be participating again next year to compete for another national title, and Bennett says she cannot wait to get back out on the stage.