Ms. Amanda Granstad

Ms. Amanda Granstad has always had compassion for student success. Growing up, she always had a passion for art and mathematics that drove her desire to learn these subjects during her time at university. One of the reasons she entered the teaching profession was to be the champion for students who need extra support, especially in advanced mathematics. Being an alumnus, she felt that returning to the school helped her fulfill a niche to drive students to achieve more. Outside the classroom, Ms. Granstad is actively involved in Junior Class Board and Student Council planning prom, homecoming, and many other memorable events. At the end of this school year, Ms. Granstad will have completed 17 years of teaching and inspiring success in mathematics.

“Often times, students need someone to be there to help make sense of what they learn,” said Granstad. “In college, I found out that it’s often struggles are independent, but as a teacher, I can help them.”

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