Senior dinner spectacular


Denny Lu, Editor

On Friday, May 14th, 2021 on Theiler Way, Student Council and Junior Class Board hosted a farewell dinner for graduating seniors. The event’s theme was “Starry Night,” filled with lights, entertainment and fine dining. The school received donations from local neighborhood restaurants such as the Sandbar, Beach House, Carrabba’s and Popi’s Place to name a few. Each restaurant catered a signature dish or meal that seniors could choose from that night.

The dinner provided an opportunity for graduates to bond and socialize throughout the night. Although the pandemic forced the school to cancel many formal events such as prom and homecoming this year, the students appreciated the effort to have a dedicated Senior Week with specialized events for each day.

During the event, members of the school orchestra, band, Sugar ‘Canes and a student magician provided the entertainment. The performers played classical tunes and sang some modern pop music hits. Sugar ‘Canes and the magician performed throughout the evening. Additionally, the backdrop was painted by the art students for the photo booth.

A Night to Remember–Karen Lay and her classmates attend the 2021 Senior Dinner. During the event, students celebrated their successes with a tasty dinner. “I am very impressed by tonight,” Lay said.

Seniors Karen Lay and Heather Squitieri both eagerly attended the dinner and thought it was a success. Both Lay and Squitieri will be graduating as members at the top of their class.

“I enjoy being with my friends,” said Lay. “The Senior Week was definitely a highlight for this year.”

Behind the scenes, there was someone who made this dinner happen.

“Ms. Granstad was amazing this year for making this become a reality,” said Squitieri. “She worked very hard and tonight is fantastic.”

By all accounts, this year was not typical. However, through these challenges arise new opportunities and experiences. This year’s senior dinner captures the essence of hope and celebration for the Class of 2021’s unwavering perseverance.