Cane Pride never dies

Series of Manatee’s small clubs! Senate: the spirit behind every foot ball game.


Lola Duytschaver, Staff Reporter

Amidst our first football game of the year, student counsel ignited the student section with costumes, chants, and a confetti cannon. Forms of student council have been at our school since its establishment in 1897, and despite the implications of Covid school spirit never lacks. The members devote themselves to organizing events for homecoming, elect officers for each class, and contribute to a large portion of school spirit at all of our games. Even at away games, they continue to cheer on our players and band as well as show to other schools how powerful our student section can be.

“Cane pride never dies,” said Billy Jackson, junior class president.

He has been working incredibly hard throughout the float building, and overall homecoming preparation process. Jackson also aspires to become the future president of the senior class next year.

Student counsel is by far the spirit behind every game, and provides incoming freshman with a perfect example of hurricane pride both at games and in school.