Feel The Spirit


Feel The Spirit

Samantha Formosa (12)  

Why do you think it’s important to participate in spirit week? 

“I think it’s really important because it shows that you actually care about your school, and it makes other people afraid to participate in things like that.” 


Jason Berzowski (12) 

Why did you choose to participate in spirit week, what’s your opinion?  

“I think it’s good to do, I mean it bring the school together in a way that isn’t seen. If all people wore red, then it shows you really care for the school.” 



Mrs. Stefanie Adams 

Do you think every student should participate in spirit week? 

“I think it’s something that if they want to, they should definitely do it, I totally think it increases the morality of the school and everyone seems super excited and makes our Friday a little more special than normal however though I know some people who are new aren’t into school spirit and don’t know much about it and I think it’s a great way it start high school.”