Sporting a Health Triangle


The girls get a pep talk from Coach Ronderos about the upcoming game.

Amy Lu, Staff Reporter

COVID-19 has brought many problems to the spotlight. However, one important thing this pandemic has shed insight on is our well-being. With many places and activities trying to restart normal again, it is vital to also aid our body and health to rejoin the game.

Kick-off. Emilia Rouifed (10) and Emma Rigney (9)  perform their dance routine at half-time during a football game against Gulliver Prep. Rigney started dancing with the Sugarcanes in the summer and pulled off a successful routine. “It was crazy, being in the field and having everyone watching. I had a really good time,” said Rigney.

One of the methods physicians recommends to boost our health is exercise. Not only is this essential for an individual’s physical health, but sports allow social interactions and boosts both serotonin and dopamine, chemicals that your brain releases in order to improve your mood.

“I started cross-country and Sugarcanes this year, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve noticed my m

ood has been more relaxed, and my sleep schedule is finally back on track. Rather than going to bed past midnight during the summertime, I can now fall asleep at 10 P.M. and still have a productive day. Even though it is sometimes tiring, I wouldn’t change a thing,” freshman, Emma Rigney, remarked about her experience so far.

Rigney has had positive impacts ever since she had started running and dance. But she is not the only one that has been affected by sports either.

Focus on the ball. Stephanie Butscher steadies her posture and grip while practicing before an upcoming match against Southeast on Sept. seventh. During the summer, Butscher practiced everyday of the week with Coach Daniella Ronderos to perfect her swing. “I’m really glad I picked up this sport over the summer. It has helped calm my nerves and allows me to de-stress,” said Butscher.

“This is my first year on the golf team since I started over the summer with Coach Daniella Ronderos. I’ve been very busy so far with school and work. Doing a sport after school helps me relax and takes my mind off of everything for a while. So, when I get home, I feel like I can focus better and perform better at school,” junior, Stephanie Butcsher, commented.

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It gives the mental boost many of us need after a long and continuing year of exhaustion from the pandemic. Dedicating ourselves to a sport not only benefits you but the people around you as well. Your self-esteem and social network improve while you learn to grow your brain and yourself. We refine the way we think, act, and feel while balancing out our stress and work from outside factors in our lives.

Sports affect all three parts of the health triangle. Our mental, physical, and social health are all equally influenced and benefited by exercise. And this is something everyone needs to know to avoid a year like the last.