Insight on enforced rules

Jessie Anderson, Staff Reporter

With Linda Francis- Assistant principal

From the last school you worked at how was this different?

“The last school that i worked with was more of a rural school it was near the Oak National Forest great kids it was only about 1600 students so it was a little bit smaller, and the kids were very high poverty area so a lot of kids needed assistance.”

How do you feel about having to worry about dress code and air pods even more?

“Its not difficult, it’s easier because its all enforced everybody is involved so kids are getting a more even handed experience.”

What are your favorite rules at this school?

“I’m a person who is really big on being on time so i like that the kids are doing a great job at getting to class on time, just want to commended the student body that their just doing a great job getting to all their classes and were having much less tardy than we had in the past, I think that’s wonderful”

What’s your opinion overall about everything being enforced?

“I like it because we all know what to except, we have a very orally campus it allows the students to concentrate on learning and the teachers to concentrate on teaching. I think we’re going to get great benefits, campus is a lot calmer and the kids look like there getting there work done.”

Is there a different position you would want to be in? 

“I love being an assistant principal, I think its one of the coolest jobs. I’m close enough to work with kids every single day i get to help them out, i’m not so far that i’m just stuck in an office pushing paper all the time. I enjoy where I am, I love manatee high school, I think our school community is wonderful, I love the pride that the kids have in this school.”