Mr. Sugarcane preview


The annual Mr. Sugarcane show is one of the main events of the season and is beloved by students and faculty alike. This unique show is a way for the Sugarcanes to raise money for their trip to nationals, but it has turned into an event that the school cherishes, and this year will be held on Nov. 3rd at 7:00 pm.

This show is not the typical fundraiser, but instead is a competition, fashion show and dance showcase all in one. Eighteen senior boys are all Mr. Sugarcane Nominees, and their job is to go out and raise money for the dance team. The boy to raise the most money wins the title of Mr. Sugarcane. The dancers also select their favorite senior, and he wins the “Team’s Favorite” prize.

“It feels cool to be nominated even though I wasn’t expecting in but I’m excited to support the Sugarcanes and show off my school spirit,” said senior Erin Aleman.

But that’s not all. The show also serves as a fashion show from sponsors like The Sand Dollar and Macy’s, who will be providing outfits for the girls and boys to wear in a fashion show. The underclassmen dancers will be in casual clothes provided by the Sand Dollar, while the seniors will be in formal wear provided by Macy’s.

Their different grades will then separate to perform various dance that showcase to the audience what the dancers have been working on this fall. They are joined by other clubs and classes like company dance class and drumline.

“It’s just fun, the guys get up there and dance, and they’re goofballs and everyone leaves in a great mood,” said dance Coach Angela Babroski.

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  • Cole Murphy and Jillian Loudermilk

  • Paul Lespasio and Jabryel Wright

  • Jayse Berzowski and Natalie Payne

  • Michael Colaco and Emma Schukraft

  • Max Yadven and Jordan Rydzinski

  • Devin Calderon and Jillian Kimmi

  • Shane Buckner and Ella Stockton

  • Jackson Seery and Jessica Burdette

  • Trevor Viera, Caleb O’Connor and Emily Giraldo

  • Cole Titsworth and Alana Kominshane

  • Tommy Zinna and Amber Polis

  • Austin Filips, John Van Etten, and Aidyn Reynolds

  • Charlie Gonzales, Erin Aleman, and Annabelle Bennett

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Mr. Sugarcane Nominees:

  • Tommy Zinna
  • Max Yadven
  • John Van Etten
  • Caleb O’Connor
  • Cole Titsworth
  • Charlie Gonzalez
  • Cole Murphy
  • Jackson Seery
  • Jayse Berzowski
  • Andrew Zoller (Not Pictured)
  • Trevor Viera
  • Erin Aleman
  • Paul Lespasio
  • Dylan Bell (Not Pictured)
  • Devin Calderon
  • Michael Colaco
  • Shane Buckner
  • Austin Filips

Photo Credits: Riley Cassidy (12)