Travis Scott Astroworld Festival

Kyrsten White, Staff Reporter

The devastating story of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival will stay in our hearts forever.

Before the show started, people could to tell that the night was not going to go as planned. It has been reported that just as the show began, people proceeded to fall one by one. Even while clearly being able to see the crowd, Scott did not fully stop the show until he had already performed for 75 minutes. There was one point where he stopped because he thought that somebody had passed out, yet as they started to carried the individual out, he watched the body and started singing again. During the rest of those 75 minutes, hundreds of people were injured by trampling, and eight people died. Now, Scott has lawsuits piling up, and he will be refunding everyone that purchased a ticket, including the tickets for those who passed.

Some of the family members of those who were horribly injured and those who died filed the lawsuits. The ages of the dead range from 14 to 27. The youngest person to have been hospitalized was a 10-year-old boy named Ezra Blount, who went to the concert with his father. Blount’s father passed out with his son on his shoulders due to the pressure, and when he fell, Blount got trampled by the crowds. Scott apologized on his Instagram story for a short 24 hours, but most fans speculate that it was not sincere.