All I want for Christmas is you


It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas presents are under the tree while waiting for December 25th to arrive. Teenagers have always wanted technology and clothes for Christmas every single year. “I like the big shows and displays that are present during Christmas time. My family comes down and we have a big roast. I’m really excited to see them again,” said Hurst (9).

Amy Lu, Staff Reporter

As the season approaches, Christmas shopping is coming in full swing this year. With the worker shortage due to COVID-19, many people are scrambling to gather gifts before they are out of stock.  Christmas also comes up with questions like  “What should I get?” For many people, this time comes with stress. Many popular trends have risen this year. These Christmas gifts ensure that everyone will enjoy the presents, no matter the recipient.

TECHNOLOGY:  For many years, this category has topped the list of almost all Christmas lists. Whether the new iPhone is out or not, popular devices have long been on the wishlist of every teenager alike.

-Charging station: A must-have for any individual with multiple devices. The charging station allows for simple charging for all your devices at one time and one place.

-Bluetooth Speaker: Many speakers have been the topic of many conversations that every teenager will love to have for Christmas. Popular brands include JBL, Beats and Bose.

-Smart Watches: A phone on a wrist. Smartwatches are often compatible with phones and can call, message, record fitness, and do much more with a few simple taps.

“I have a few devices at home, and I’ve wanted a charging station for a really long time. It’s much easier charging everything all at once than having a different place to plug in your devices every night. And when I am in a rush, I do not need to walk around my room, and I can just go to the station and grab what I need,” says Torianne Hurst (9).

Tis the season. Presents are a big part of the Christmas spirit. People have always gone out of their way to find the right present for everyone they know. “I think Christmas is also about family and friends and just being together for the holidays. That has always been my favorite part of Christmas whenever I see a relative I haven’t seen in a long time,” said Morales-Jones (11).

APPAREL: Nothing could possibly go wrong with the new clothes from popular brands. Whether they are jackets, shirts, pants, or shoes. Any outfit from the brands below will result in an overflow of joy on Christmas day.

For shoes: Converse, Vans, Nike, etc.

For pants and shirts: PacSun, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Jewelry: Etsy, Missoma, Aurate, etc.

“I changed my style not too long ago and I’ve been wanting a newer wardrobe since. I’m always happy if I get a new chain or a sweatshirt. Clothes are usually something that is on my wishlist every year,” said Max Morales-Jones (11).

SKINCARE: There is nothing wrong with taking care of the health of your skin for everyone alike. Many products help strengthen, moisturize, and re-hydrate the skin.

Cleansers: CeraVe, Cetaphil, MELE, etc.

Exfoliators: CeraVe, THE ORDINARY, Peach and Lily, etc.

Moisturizers and Lotions: Cetaphil, Love Beauty and Planet, Glow Recipe, etc.

Body Scrubs: Ouai, Dove, Neutrogena, Bath and Body Works, etc.

Christmas is a special time of the year where we all are bubbling with excitement. However, it is also important to note that the foundation of the Christmas spirit is not only with presents. Instead, the foundation is made with family, friends, and the ability to reconnect and cherish valuable moments together.