A “Red” Return; Taylor Swift re-releases 2012 album


The “Red” Era: Swift released the new album cover a few days before her album was released with a proper photoshoot reveal on release day. The new cover still featured Swift’s classic red lip but with a new aesthetic choice.

Dallis Mullett, Editor

The highly anticipated re-release of Taylor Swift’s hit 2012 album “Red” finally hit physical and digital shelves alike on Friday, November 12.

The second re-recorded album following “Fearless,” “Red” was an act of independence on Swift’s part, finally separating herself from the binding contracts of her past.

The album featured 30 songs, including eight new songs, “From the Vault”; a term coined by Swift to refer to her unreleased music. Songs like “Message in a Bottle” and “The Very First Night” were kept secret for years and were finally been given the proper Swift treatment after their time in hiding.

Along with a new line of merchandise based upon her re-recording, Swift premiered a special short film based upon the story of a past relationship, detailed in a 10-minute release of her song “All too well.” The film starred Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, playing the parts of a young Taylor and ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. The video was greatly received by fans who were even more pleased the following week. Additionally, Swift released a second music video for her original song, “I Bet You Think About Me,” which featured country artist Chris Stapleton.

The short film was wholly written and directed by Swift and it has been one of the biggest projects she has undertaken since she began the re-recording process.

“It’s such an admirable undertaking, especially as a woman so prominent in the music industry,” said English teacher and Swiftie Mrs. Stephanie Adams. “I really admire all she has done to reclaim her own music.”

“Red” was one of Taylor’s most iconic albums because it was the first time she had truly broken away from her “country girl roots” as stated by Adams. This new pop era of Swift’s music came as a surprise to many of her listeners and the media who had been following her since her debut at such a young age. These songs were like none other than those she had recorded in the past and now, have been re-made with her ideas at the forefront of production.

The newly revised “Red” offered a fresh new sound to one of her bestselling albums; a unheard maturity could be found in Swift’s voice and the re-discovered lyrics. The near ten years between Red’s original release and that of Swift’s most recent album show how much she has truly grown as an artist and what she has learned about the value of the recording and production process.

Considering the struggles Swift has faced in regards to earning the rights to her own music after years of contracts, finally giving herself a chance to release more personal pieces in this new era was a powerful move for her career. One that has caught the attention of fans of all ages, teachers and students alike.

“She is deserving of the respect she asks for,” continues Adams. “I have loved this album since it released and was skeptical about the new that she was re-recording it but it came out better than I could have asked for.”

Known by fans for her love of Easter Eggs, many of the songs, new and old, and their accompanying videos contained several possible hints at another re-recording of a past album, though it is still not confirmed which collection will be recorded first. Many fans speculate “1989” or “Speak Now” after analyzing the clues left behind, but whatever may come next, Swift will make a point to make it better than the last.