Ms. Tracey Swart’s good-natured garden

Kylee Souders, Staff Reporter

Plants Galore – The harvest from the special education class are available for teachers and families. The vegetables are grown year round in the fall and then once again in the spring. “We have the students wash the vegetables and then others sort them into bins.” Ms. Tracey Swartz said.

In 2020, the world was in chaos. When coming back in the fall from our extremely long spring break, Ms. Tracey Swart created a garden to remind her students that there is hope for new, better things, while also implementing in her students scientific understanding of how plants grow.

Two years later, her and her students have kept it a well, viable garden. The growing process consists of letting certain students water the plants, allow the plants to absorb the sunlight, and other students move the plants to ensure they have enough space to continue growing. Once finished, a select group picks the vegetables and washes them. Her class grew tomatoes, zucchini, a variety of squash and peppers, brussels sprouts and cucumbers.

Having the garden allows the special education class to expand their knowledge of agriculture and life science to expand. The class plans to continue giving the fruits and vegetables grown to teachers around campus and the families of students.