Climate for Competition

Jamie Donaldson, Staff Reporter

Environmental club students are cramming for the upcoming Envirothon that will take place on January 27th. Envirothon is a competition that combines environmental problem solving and hands on activities. The competing members are studying a variety of topics including soil/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and current environmental issues.

Envirothon’s main goal is to promote learning about the environment both inside and outside the classroom. The competition consists of three levels: regional, state, and nationals. Teams that win from each state can advance to the North American Envirothon. Competitors have the chance to compete for scholarships, recognition, and prizes. The three teams who have chosen to compete this year have been studying for several months.

To prepare, students have been using a variety of different methods. The Envirothon website offers a plethora of resources, but many students have been using a variety of creative memorization techniques to aid them in the competition. “I used a Quizlet online and I wrote down vocabulary and made some flashcards. Those have helped me better,” said Brooke Yerger (10). Many team members have taken it upon themselves to meet up outside of school for extra study time.  As the competition nears, anticipation grows for participants.

Study Session. Nirapai Elswick (11) and Brooke Yerger (10) are prepping for Envirothon in Mrs. Boonie Elswick’s room. They focused on the study topic of aquatic ecology. “It can spark you to study more cause you are studying something more outside of school,” said Yerger.