Love is in the air; Valentines movies streaming now

Jessie Anderson, Staff Reporter

It’s finally February and shelves are filled with decor for the upcoming holiday. Here is a list of some Valentine’s movies that can spice up your night, with or without a Valentine.

“Valentine’s Day”

This romantic comedy is in a series of interconnected stories that all happens in one day . Each scene shows a different couple and what they are going through. The cast has a bunch of stars such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Bradly Cooper and Taylor Swift. You can watch this through HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

“Love Actually”

Similar to Valentine’s Day, there is nine different interconnected stories about romantic couples’ lives. The cast includes Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. This can be viewed on Vudu or Google Play.

“500 Days Of Summer”

The main character Tom (a hopeless romantic), gets dumped by his girlfriend and rethinks all the times they spent together in the summer and figuring out what went wrong. Some actors include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, and Matthew Grey Gubler. Start streaming this on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

Love In The Air. Any of these movies could make up your night by relaxing and enjoying time with one another. This screencap comes from a scene in “500 Days of Summer” where the two main characters share a sweet moment together.


Two strangers were tired of being single, which caused them to be each other’s plus one all year round, but little do they know, they end up catching romantic feelings. This cast consists of Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey and Kristin Chenoweth. Holidate is available on Netflix.

“The Notebook”

In this iconic film, two opposites find each other and are in deep love, but Allie Hamilton parents don’t think the relationship is valid. They part their separate ways and soon find each other years later. This movie contains the actors of Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, and James Garner. This is available on Peacock or HBO Max.

“50 First Dates”

This crazy movie starts by Henry Roth trying to impress Lucy Whitmore. Little did Henry know, Lucy has short term memory loss. Henry is trying to convince her family members that its all love. This movie involves Adam Sandler, Drew Berrymore, and Sean Astin. You can watch this on Netflix and Hulu Plus.