Throwing for gold: Senior Ty Barclay


Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief

“MVP… MVP… MVP…” students shout. It is the 2021 powderpuff football game, and senior Tyniece Barclay sacked the junior quarterback in the end zone for a safety in the last 20 seconds of the game, getting two points and winning the game for the seniors 8-7. Barclay is a competitive four year varsity athlete in both basketball and track who is truly leaving her legacy on this school and the senior class.

Barclay is currently a captain on the basketball team, a feat that has taken her four years of hard work and practices and many sprints through the gym. Since freshman year she stuck with it, joining after playing in middle school. It is clear that Barclay was born to play, moving up to varsity as a freshman, even with multiple upperclassmen on the team.

Track is no different. After a mix of wanting to try something new and pressure to play a sport so that she could stay in shape, she decided to participate in track and field, specifically shot-put. Again, she was good from the beginning, being strong and athletic, and worked to perfect her form at the end of sophomore year, which put her at the top.

Barclay has broken multiple school shot-put records the summer between her junior and senior year, her farthest throw being 12.47 meters. This year she hopes to put her name on the board and break the record during this season.

Pass it on– Senior Ty Barclay passes the ball down the court. Barclay was a fourth year varsity player on the basketball team, and while she enjoyed her role as a leader, it was also a lot of work, “There is definitely a lot of pressure lowkey, because you have to be a leader on the team and there are a lot of expectations on you,” said Barclay.

“So fun fact, I’ve broken the school record twice, but it doesn’t count because it happened over the summer… this year we’re definitely going to change that.”

Not only is Barclay shooting for a school record, but she is also trying to break the top five at states, which would beat her records from the previous two years. Her sophomore year, she won tenth in the state, and junior year she got eighth.

“I’m going to keep practicing, lift weights, track practice and perfect my technique all the little stuff… first place in the state; that’s always been one of my goals since freshmen year since I started throwing,” said Barclay.

Even with all her significant plans this year, Barclay wants to enjoy her senior season. Being a senior allows her to act as a leader, as she hopes to set an example for the younger kids to follow. She commands both the court and the field; the title of “MVP” was given to her through her strong leadership skills and admirable athletic ability.

“I’m excited to be a leader, I think having people look up to you and look up to your skills and value what you have to say and what you do I think that makes all the fun because then you get control over how the games go. You pass the ball you run the plays you do this you do that and it’s really fun, no pressure really.”

And while Barclay is prominent in the school’s athletic world, she is in the academic world as well, balancing AP classes since her freshman year with playing two varsity sports, which is no small feat.

“At first it was a bit challenging but honestly, I think that as long as you set aside time to make sure you’re getting your homework done, it’s definitely feasible,” said Barclay.

Barclay is also committed to throw shot-put in college at Florida International University, where she will study law. This subject that always interested her due to her going through the legal system as a child in the foster care system before being adopted. She has always been fascinated by that aspect of law from a young age, so it was a match made in heaven when FIU offered her a place on the track team.

“Obviously the track coach there, I feel like we were on the same wavelength about what I wanted to do and what his plans for me were which is super important, but also for me playing sports in college wasn’t always my career path it was just a way to get the education that I wanted and FIU has an amazing law program that’s first in the state actually that I was interested in,” said Barclay.

Ty Barclay is a stellar athlete and leader on her respective teams, working hard and pushing the other students below her. From her amazing play in basketball and track, it is clear that she has left her mark on this school.