New movie “Scream”ing now


Killer Strikes Again – Ghostface comes back in each movie, no matter how many times he will be revealed. This is the masked murderer from hit film “Scream” that released on Jan. 14. “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Kylee Souders, Staff Reporter

To begin the new year, Paramount Pictures released a “scream”ing new sequel to the 2011 film “Scream 4” on Jan. 14, 2021. Many plan to binge the previous movies to better interpret the newest one.  

To recap the last few movies: the main character, Sidney Prescott, loses her mother, and just a year later, their peaceful Californian town turns into a fear-filled bloodbath after a masked killer, Ghostface begins to stalk and murder the (mainly) innocent. The killer is revealed to be two people: Prescott’s boyfriend Billy and their close friend Stuart. Billy’s motivation was based on his father cheating on his mother with Sidney’s mom and his unstable mental condition. This movie gets the ball rolling and introduces core characters in the newest film. 

 There is a new movie in Hollywood in the second movie based on earlier events. Two young teenagers are murdered on set, and it is clear there is a copycat killer on the loose. The killers turned out to be one of Prescott’s closest friends and her ex-boyfriend’s mother.  

In the third movie, Prescott hides in her new house in the woods, with her whereabouts unknown to everyone except for Dewey. After several murders relating to the previous cases take place on the set of Stab 3, Sidney leaves, headed for Hollywood to be mortified, learning more of her mother’s death, and put together the many final pieces of the Scream mystery. She reveals her mother had a secret child, and the murderer is the forbidden brother. 

In the 2011 movie “Scream 4”, Sidney releases a book and goes on tour, adventuring to all sorts of cities. Prescott revisits Woodsboro, which causes the masked killer to start his killing spree once more. The viewer learns that Sidney’s cousin is the one behind the stalking. 

These movies impacted the horror/thriller genre immensely by introducing a comedic side of horror. In the movies, the plot is usually the same: Sidney is being stalked by Ghostface, the killer is revealed, and then a new one is born. The killer cracks a few jokes, kills someone and the cycle continues. The laughs are inclusive of any group’s humor. 

The soundtracks included throughout the movies are mainly just piano music and a few songs to make the movies feel eerier. The soundtracks give the films a haunting nature while also making fun of the other horror/thriller movies. 

The “Scream” collection is essentially a commentary on how repetitive the horror/thriller genre is. Every movie contains the same plot: a killer; who comes back several times and murders the “innocent” teenagers. “Scream” tries to show how the raw movie plots are the same, no matter how different the wording or names are.