The GOAT retires

Kylee Souders, Staff Reporter

The Brady Boy The quarterback taking charge of the ball, planning to make a forward pass. Brady led two different teams to the Super Bowl due to his excelled skills.

The greatest football quarterback star known to man, Thomas Brady Jr., has announced his (second) retirement. Many football fans look up to the star due to his traits and strength shown on the field.

Brady has led both the New England Patriots and our local Tampa Bay Buccaneers to not one, not two, but seven Super Bowl wins. He currently holds the record for career quarterback wins, quarterback regular season wins, quarterback playoff wins, and Super Bowl MVP  award. Many believe him to be the overall number one football player and have nicknamed him “The G.O.A.T.” or the greatest of all time.

He has impacted many valued players for the National Football League, like Robert Gronkowski aka “Gronk”. The infamous tight end recently shared his sweet tribute to Brady, thanking him for the 22 years he contributed to playing football while also sharing his appreciation for the friendship the two have.

Nationwide, some football fans are disappointed that the star has decided to part ways with the NFL but are wishing him luck with his newest endeavor.