Super Bowl Festivities

Kylee Souders, Staff Reporter

Game Day  The crowd of a national football game goes wild for their favorite football stars. Some eat their traditional chicken wings and others eat burgers while kicking back. “I really enjoy football season because it brings my family and I together, and it helps us not think of our occurring problems.” Isabella Cumberland (9) stated.

For 55 years, our nation has come together to watch different football teams battle for a trophy. People go wild for the different things you can do during the entire game, whether its watch and critique the ads, yell at the screen, bet cash on who will win or cheer and sing along to the half-time show.

Several have traditions to make certain foods on game day and place a wager for who might win. Families kick back on the couch and snuggle while watching the games. Friends order takeout and laugh while raging at their TVs. Students at our beloved high school do some of their own festivities.

Senior Alexie Aimable Wilson’s family gambles the winner of the football and cooks wings, unlike freshman Hollis Newby, whose siblings break loose while snacking on chips.

“I mean I really enjoy to watch my sisters go crazy yelling at the TV, asking their favorite team to win for the Lord’s sake” stated Newby.

As normal as some traditions seem, other are quite bizarre. Ninth grader Faith Rollison, has a superstition within her family. Her stepdad has a football inflatable and every time it’s been up, the team they liked lost, and vice versa. “It’s so crazy how convenient it is. Every time it’s not out, the team we’re rooting for wins.” said Rollison.  As well as that, there are several teams that carry the superstition of not washing your socks pregame.

No matter how odd your festivities for the Super Bowl are, they are definitely not the worst. Whether it is stinky feet to gambling your cash to stuffing yourself with chicken wings, someone else probably does the same.