Shooting for the Stars (Freshman Elizabeth Austin)


Academic Advice: Elizabeth Austin enjoys all educational electives this year. Swamped with school and commitments she provided this advice, “Make sure you take electives,” said Austin.

Jamie Donaldson, Staff Reporter

Freshman Elizabeth Austin has made a name for herself this school year. She is in all honors classes and works ambitiously towards her goals. Austin spends her time planning and preparing for her school career, already mapping out her next three years of classes.  Austin recently participated in the 2022 Manasota Regional Envirothon as part of the “Pierogi Project” team and was thoroughly tested on several different environmentally related topics. She also engages in academic extracurriculars, which shows her dedication to success in school.

Along with being academically talented, Austin is involved in several different clubs. She is an active member of the environment club, art club, book club, thespians and Mam’Selles. She participated in the thespian showcase and showed off her acting and singing abilities. She performed “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret, “And Turning, Stay” by Kellie Powell, “Failure Face” from “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” and an untitled soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet. Austin received excellence on all these pieces, the second-highest rating in the competition.

 Austin also has several hobbies, including bullet journaling and baking. She is also interested in space science and dreamed of being an astronaut. She has even gone to a space camp to pursue her interests outside of school. She will always have a love for the stars and is considering going into the field of space science later in life. Other careers she is interested in include being a physical therapist or owning a tea shop to pursue baking.

Busy with all her activities, Austin has to handle stress and pressures from all paths she follows. Luckily, she has a support system to help manage.

“Mostly, I talk to my friends, and I talk to my siblings about it,” said Austin. She has her parents, two sisters, one brother, and two adorable pets, a dog and a cat, that stand by her side. 

 She also lives by a piece of advice that has stuck with her and helped her throughout the year, finding a sense of comfort in its simplicity.

” One time, a senior told me to just breathe, and I know that sounds simple, but I don’t know, but I guess that statement kind of means a lot to me,” said Austin.


Studying Up: Elizabeth Austin reads about some of her favorite environmental science topics. Austin jumped into many clubs and organizations in addition to honors and AP courses for the start of her high school career. “I would recommend just being kind to yourself,” said Austin.