Activities to do on a day off

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Activities to do on a day off

Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews, features, and editorials editor

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By: Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews, Editorials, and Features Editor

It is no secret that students rejoice when they find out that they have a three day weekend or a day off from school. There is absolutely nothing better than having one free day where they can just sit down, relax and rest their brains. While some kids may want to just become a couch potato for the day, other kids may want to make the most of their free time.

One thing to accomplish is to catch up on sleep in order to survive the next week. Many students are drowning in homework during the week and go to sleep late, so a day off gives kids a perfect opportunity to sleep as much as they are able to.

Jennifer Miles reading “Atonement” by Ian McEwan. Photo credit: Kaitlyn Schafer

There are a variety of different movies out this month that look very promising, such as “A Star is Born,” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, “The First Man” with Ryan Gosling, and Halloween movies such as “Venom” and the 1978 “Halloween” remake. For the students who can not drive, grab some friends, make some popcorn, and have a movie night. Maybe if students are feeling creative, they can build a fort.

Visit a bookstore. Many students do not enjoy reading, but sometimes if they enter a bookstore and see what they find, they can find their gateway book series. If reading is a firm “no” to students, then try walking into Books A Million or Barnes and Noble and see what else they have. These stores have varieties of items from games, to “Harry Potter” merchandise, to gifts.

Lastly, students can go to the beach. Going to the beach is free, productive, fun, and a perfect excuse to purchase ice cream. For the students who do not like the beach, going to a pool or a restaurant with friends on Anna Maria Island is a great mini vacation.