Hurricane Battalion prepares for JPA

Kylee Souders, Staff Reporter

Battalion, Fall In The staff and leadership period undergo uniform inspection in preparation of what is to come on March 30. The top three battalion staff viewed and critiqued the remaining cadets in order to make sure they look perfect in place. Zachary Houck (12) stated “I enjoy being in JROTC. No matter what we’re doing, it’s always fun, and with JPA and my graduation coming up, it has been more significant than ever.”

With March 30 being right around the corner, the JROTC program has been studying and training left and right for JPA. The JROTC Program for Accreditation has been used for 20 years to see if each battalion is serious and proud about being a part of the program.

On the Class B uniforms is a golden star placed half an inch above a cadets’ nametag. The star represents the honor unit with distinction and is the highest award a JROTC unit can achieve. First Sergeant Krcelic, Army Instructor, stated, “It’s crucial to our program to pass formal inspection.”

Without JPA, the Hurricane Battalion would lose the star and the honor that comes with it. The JROTC program has held onto the star for longer than 20 years, and they plan to keep it for good. To learn more about JROTC or study over the JPA material, visit