What a waste


Photo credit: Flickr

Messy classrooms, hallways and courtyards are an increasing problem for all students at our fine school. However, whether we quell this issue is entirely up to us.

Conner Sauer, Staff Reporter

There is a serious problem plaguing the campus of our school. As one walks down the many hallways, scanning for the room belonging to their teacher one thing sticks out like a sore thumb amidst the dark blue doors. That thing is the scores of trash, food waste, and items thrown carelessly down, away from the easy-to-reach bins and throughout the campus. This is a vile habit running rampant in the student body and has forced the administration to take measures to ensure that the brave custodial staff do not drown under the monsoon of garbage around every corner. Walking to lunch is a sad display of this disregard for the time and effort of the custodial staff.

Despite there being numerous trash cans in which to dump waste, there seems to be a blatant, almost intentional attempt at missing said bins. The administration has had to close down bathrooms in order to quell the amount of work done by the custodians, and even still they are met with this herculean task. It is simply unfortunate that these basic manners, expected of all those burgeoning into the adult world, seem to be lost upon our students.

Being a member of Key Club for even a short time had put me at the forefront of the mess left behind by our football games. Though a small clutter is expected, the strange variety of garbage found amidst the stands was all but perplexing. the expected water and Gatorade bottles, nacho containers and crumbs, but socks? Shoes? Belts? IDs? and a Wallet? Why were these personal belongings so carelessly lost? possibly never to be seen again. the ledge I stand on, however, is not intentionally put far above yours. I understand we are human, I am human and as a human I make mistakes. have I been responsible for not making the short trip to the trash can in order to dump my remaining wrappers from lunch, yes. but in these past months, I have attempted to better myself and stop that bad habit. I am ashamed that I have contributed to the mess I so virulently condemn.

Though recently I am proud to say I have thoroughly cleaned up after myself and in some cases, cleaned up after others. It is the responsibility of all here to clean up after themselves. it is the responsibility of all here to maintain our hallways, courtyards and bathrooms. and it is the responsibility of all here to continue the grand legacy our school has upheld for decades. I am proud to be a student of this fine school. but I am prouder still of those who make the extra effort to help the custodians out. I am prouder still of those who try and keep our campus clean. and I am prouder still of those who try.