Quit your quarter worrying

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By: Alexis Peck, News editor

As the first quarter of the year comes to an end, students are becoming increasingly more aware of their grades. Students are trying not to mess up their GPAs and are making desperate attempts to raise those that are low.

Kaitlyn Schafer, junior at Manatee High school, working on a worksheet to improve her grades. Photo Credit: Alexis Peck

What some students do not understand about high school is that the only people who actually see the quarter grades are the students, parents, and teachers. Colleges only see each semester grade, which is a combination of the the quarter grades and the exam. The exam is worth 20 percent of the semester grade and each quarter is worth 40 percent. If a student can not get one of those grades up to their expectation or if they get a grade that is on the cusp of being the next letter grade, then they can work a bit harder next quarter to get the mark they are striving for.

Many teachers, like Mrs. Bush, provide extra credit throughout the school year or are willing to give extra credit to help boost a grade, work and communicate with teachers to be fully capable of reaching the full potential is beneficial. Mrs. Bush once stated that when she was a student, she had a teacher that did not give any extra credit, was not very flexible at all with students, and would not do anything to help a student’s grade in their class, that teacher inspire Mrs. Bush to be the exact opposite.

“The end of the quarter is immensely stressful, as I try to get my grades to stay steady and raise a few of them so I can get mostly A’s and only a minimum number of B’s. Classes that give extra credit at the end of the quarter, I am extremely grateful for because it easily helps me get up my grades,” Manatee High School varsity soccer player and junior, Kalie Welling stated.

All students are required to take a written exam in each class for each semester. Classes that require a state mandated end-of-course exam are worth 30 instead of 20 percent. Exams are not supposed to be taken earlier than the assigned exam date. Seniors have the chance to be exempted from the exam if the teacher decides that they are eligible. If the senior has a B average for second semester and do not have a C or lower for the fourth quarter, they are eligible to be exempt.

With complete understanding of how the grading system works and academic dedication, students will be able to hopefully reach their full potential with ease.