Canes quiz night

Lola Duytschaver, Staff Reporter

Our National Honor Society hosted a festive and fun trivia competition for the students and staff on our campus. Teams consisted of four to six players that were encouraged to wear fun costumes and come up with clever team names. Groups were involved in three rounds of Kahoot with 20 questions per round on history, science, geography, sports, pop culture and much more. The winners of each game entered into the final winner’s battle for the title of Manatee Trivia Champions.

The cafeteria was buzzing with friendly competition and light-hearted jousting as teams socialized in preparation for the start of the rounds. Trivia host Jessica Burdette kicked things off by introducing each team before starting the first three general rounds. Teams applied their best efforts, but only the three winners of each game could advance. Those teams are the “Sherlock Homies,” “9 and three quarters”, and the fan-favorite “You’re History.”

Between rounds, teams could strategize, and enjoy a soda and popcorn bar that our National Honor Society offered. Key concession stand staff, Kaden Lahman (12), monitored everyone as they played and made the popcorn for all to enjoy during the breaks.

Lahman quotes, “It was an enjoyable and successful event for us, and I hope it continues as a National Honor Society tradition.”

All of the teams put up a good fight; however, in the final round, an astounding victory was won by Grant Richardson, Aaron Bokelmann, Emily Bokelmann, Madison Burt, and Andrew Brannon, otherwise. Known as the “Sherlock Homies.”

Team leader Emily Bokelmann (11) stated, “It was really fun being able to beat the history teachers. We were not expecting to win, so bragging rights were probably the best part of the winning.”

Following the competition, NHS members chose the team with the best outfit as a secondary winner for the night. The winning team was the group of guidance counselors titled “We are Manatee.”

They dressed in the representation of the different sports teams, the marching band at our school, and graduates (wearing cap and gown).

A big thanks are owed to our National Honors Society members and staff advisor Candice Hofstra for putting together a fantastic night that will remain our school’s newest tradition in the following years.