Hurricane Highlight: Coach Chuck Sandburg

Cade Weiskopf, Staff Reporter


 Coach Chuck Sandburg was a significant part of the success of our school and football program. He retires after over thirty years in education. He will be remembered for his teaching and coaching and his dedication and ability to tell a great story.

Before teaching, Coach Chuck Sandburg played baseball at the University of Florida. Where he graduated, and then the Red Socks drafted him. He ended up playing seven years of professional baseball.

When he was done with baseball, he worked as a lifeguard and a substitute teacher in 1986.

In 1987 he became a full-time teacher and started coaching. He coached football, baseball, golf and girls softball. Sandburg married and had three children, Chase, Cord, and Callee who graduated from Manatee.

Sandburg helped lead us to four state championships. A state championship is a remarkable feat that is extremely difficult to achieve, especially in Florida. “My greatest accomplishment here was to win a state championship; the feeling was amazing to see all of everyone’s work pay off,” Sandburg said. 

When Sandburg coached here, he coached under Coach Joe Kinnan. He was the wide receivers coach. “Sandburg was a great coach; he was an amazing guy; all the kids love him,” stated Coach Keith McMahon.

His sons Chase and Cord Sandburg played football here, and his daughter Callee was a cheerleader.  Cord was our starting quarterback for the 2011 state championship. “It was my favorite state championship because winning alongside my son was such a great feeling,”  said Sandburg.

 Coach Sandburg is always ready to be there for the school in any aspect. He has been a physical education teacher but this year filled in when the football team needed him to come and help with morning workouts. He even comes in on weekends to straighten up everything out of place in the weight room. Even though it’s not part of his job, Sandburg will do anything to ensure our school’s success and good condition.  

However, this was his final year, and he is moving on to the next chapter in his life. “I plan to play a lot of golf and take it one step at a time. But I know that I will spend a lot of time with all the wonderful people I have met here,” he said.  He plans to play a lot of golf and travel the world,” stated Sandburg.