Welcome to Harry’s House


Lola Duytschaver, Staff Reporter

The long-awaited release of Harry Styles’ new album has finally been unveiled as of May 20th, 2022, creating an insane buzz. Already generating record breaking’ amounts of streams on Spotify and Apple Music, the 13 new songs Styles created are well worth the hype.

On Thursday, March 31st, Styles leaked a “teaser” for his upcoming album, being the song As It Was, which created the immense anticipation for more. Many of Styles’ songs have a distinctive flare, being a mix of soft rock and pop. He’s produced a number of hits that expanded his fan base exponentially putting his name on the 2022’s most popular artists list. However, his new album Harry’s House, incorporates more of an indie feel that fans adore.

Personally speaking, the majority of Styles’ songs in this album were astounding, but only a few really gave me goosebumps while listening to them. Grape Juice being one of the few I really connected with had a relaxing and satisfying backtrack accompanied by lyrics that blended everything nicely. Additionally, the song Music for a Sushi Restaurant was an upbeat but mellow melody that all people would truly enjoy. Not to mention the instrumental notes of bass and trumpet could put any listener in an uplifted and motivated state of mind. The last song worth mentioning that stood out to me was Matilda, not so much for the song itself but for the meaning behind it that resonated with me and countless others. The piece reminds various fans of their childhoods and conflicts with their parents.

All in all, this album is nothing short of one of the best albums of 2022. Within all 13 songs, there’s a piece for everyone to enjoy and connect with beyond the lyrics. Harry Styles has done astoundingly well, and I, along with many others await his next hit.