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Preparing for the big tests and college

Preparing for the big tests and college

October 29, 2018

Year round, juniors and seniors, who would like to go to college have to prepare for the dreaded examinations, the Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT, and and the American College Testing, ACT. These tests are very important for seniors. Colleges may not even consider accepting students who do not take at least the SAT or ACT.

The SAT and ACT are used to measure a high school students overall readiness for college-level work and material. Although these tests are not the only factor in determining whether or not a student will be accepted into a particular college, it normally is a rather big factor in admissions. When taking these examinations no score is considered bad or good. It depends on the schools you are applying for and what type of scores the college is looking for.

Students taking an SAT Preparation class. Photo Credit: New York Times.

High school students have the daunting task of preparing for the SAT/ACT. Some high school students do not realize that one test might be better suited for them, as both, the SAT and ACT, assess different skills. 

Certain test preparation companies will help prepare kids for these assessments. Students have a wide range of resources to select from including: The Princeton Review, Applerouth, Khan Academy, etc.

One SAT test preparation company in particular, Khan Academy, is a free SAT Test prep course, that is in collaboration with the College Board, that prepares these world-wide examinations for students. However, other test preparations companies may offer free practice.

According to “The Best Schools Co.,” they found that 20 hours of practice on Khan Academy helped with over a 100 point score increase. Khan Academy is a resource for high school students to prepare for the SAT for free.

Kaplan Sat Prep Plus Book,, front cover of the book. Credit: Kaplan

The other test preparation company, which comes in second place, “The Princeton Review,” is a well-known company within education for test prep. In fact, a lot of Princeton’s review materials are used for a lot more than just the SAT. Their material is also used for AP Examination practice and a variety of more.

“I think Kaplan is a pretty good test prep for preparing for the SAT it got me into college,” Connor Smith an alumni at Manatee High.

“There are a variety of material that you can use to prepare for the SAT, however, Khan and Kaplan are probably the best, ” Ethan Smith, alumni of Manatee High.

Despite the dreaded work and dedication that may be needed in order to prepare for this long journey ahead, it is necessary for those seeking a college education, considering 35 percent of jobs in the US require a degree.

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