What’s Cooking at MHS

Culinary is back! We here at MHS are so elated to have culinary back in the curriculum! The course is an insanely useful class and is a must-take for our students. Culinary arts are useful to anyone and everyone. Food industry jobs are quite common jobs for many teenagers, so taking culinary is just one way to help with the process.  

As a final exam students will be taking a 90-question exam to receive their certificate of completion. Students will learn proper food safety techniques, culinary jobs, and of course how to cook. Any student who is interested in culinary should take the chance, out of all our classes it is a must take.  

Students will learn the basics of cooking in the culinary program.

One of the major features of culinary class is of course the Canes Café.

The café is predominantly for staff and faculty, but students will be running it. Staff are able to order from menus and students will make those orders back in the kitchen,” Mrs. Conover stated.

Currently the café is not running, but Mrs. Conover plans to have it running three times a week for staff to lounge and have a break. Only three other schools in the county have a café like this.  

Our teacher for the class is also exceptionally talented at her trade. Mrs. Conover started her baking career when she was 19 years old, she would work in an orchard and bake pies and treats to sell at markets. She owned and operated this business for 23 years before she decided to go into office work, but she never lost her previous love of baking. She then began working at Panera, Detweilers, Starbucks, and more. All of which she would teach employees how to bake myriad items. All her baking skills are completely self-taught.

This will be her first-year teaching high school, but she is extremely optimistic about how culinary will shake out this year. Mrs. Conover’s favorite things to bake are bread and pastries from her family recipes. She is thrilled to share her family recipes with the students of culinary this year.  

Students are delighted to finally have culinary back. Due to the corona virus pandemic, we had stopped offering culinary. “I’m excited to get to cook and serve teachers at the Canes Café.” said Sophomore Sylvia Harmond. Sylvia Harmond has always wanted to go into the culinary field when she grows up. She would like to be a chef, and she is really excited for culinary this year.

Let us all give culinary a big welcome back to the school!