Student Artist Spotlight: Cassandra Leal

In the first installment of our Student Artist’s series, we bring you the sublime and wonderous artwork of Cassie Leal.

Senior artist Cassandra Leal is undoubtedly a true talent. During her four years here, she has made a splash in terms of the art she has done. Cassie is well known around campus being a wonderfully talented artist especially in illustration. She has taken artistically focused classes all throughout her time at MHS, 2-D Art, portfolio, Painting 1, Ceramics 1, and AP Art. She will be the first artist to be featured in our monthly artist feature. Each month we will choose an MHS artist to show off their wonderful pieces of work.  

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Her first piece shown is a still life done with graphite. The piece shows a realistic portrayal of a stuffed toy along with other trinkets. Graphite is one of Cassandra’s favorite mediums to work with, although she said that she is embarrassed that she takes so long to work with them. Her second work shown is another simple drawing done with graphite. “

My favorite piece here is the self portrait of me. It has a lot of symbolism and emotion. I like all the colors and how it takes up the page,” She stated. It is clear to anyone that this artwork is full of emotion. “I like graphite, it’s easy use, it’s easy to erase if you mess up. But recently I’ve been using pastels.”  

Creative arts have always come very naturally to Cassie, she usually just goes with her creative flow and just lets herself be free to create her wonderful pictures. “I do art to bring the pictures in my head into the real world,” Leal said.

Her art truly inspires many of us to see how powerful the medium of art is. Her work is beautiful and awe inspiring. After she graduates, she plans to attend art school in illustration. It is clear to see that Connie Shipley is a big inspiration for her, specifically her still life harkens back to Connie Shipley and her self-portrait truly highlights the similarities.

I do art to bring the pictures in my head into the real world.”

— Cassandra Leal

“Some of my biggest inspirations are my grandparents. Connie Shipley she is an amazing artist in completely different ways. They’re huge inspirations,” spoke Leal of her inspiration.

“She is really versatile; she is imaginative and easily able to do realism and the surreal and she can really just take it to the next level,” Mrs. Link  spoke of Cassandra, who has been her student for 2 years now, but she has truly seen her artistic journey from first-year student to senior.  

As our first artist feature, she is truly setting the precedent for how amazing our artists here at MHS are. Cassandra Leal is a versatile artist, easily able to excel in multiple assorted styles without much issue. Mrs. Link describes her as a jack of all trades.

“She is really good at sketching; she has a lot of detail in her sketches which you don’t find in many artists,” said Powley-Link.

Cassie also loves many mediums. Though her true calling is sketching, but she loves to paint, use oil pastels and many other mediums which she can release her creative freedom with. It is truly an honor to have an artist with a such a myriad of talents here at MHS.