New Sophomore, New School, New Team

Manatee High School football has a brand-new secret weapon. Ramsey Cole is the newest starting wide receiver for the Hurricanes. A sophomore, Cole began attending MHS this fall after hearing about the greatness of Manatee’s football program. He is a transfer from Lenard High School.

Ramsey Cole (10) evades defenders for a first down.

When asked about whether or not he was nervous about starting a new season at a new school, Cole responded, “No, I already had friends telling me about the programs and encouraging me to come, it was everything I expected it to be.”

Although he is only a Sophomore, Cole feels confident about his being on Varsity. “It feels kind of unbelievable at times,” he stated, “but just looking at how much time I put into the sport I feel like I deserve to be here.”

Cole had 71 receiving yards in his first official game of the season. His humility shone with poise. “It feels great,” Cole said about his impressive performance. “I know I did not perform to the absolute best of my ability but, it just shows that there is always some room for improvement.”

Like many, Cole is optimistic about the football teams trajectory this year. “We are going to do better than last week,” he said about their performance against Sarasota High School, “I feel like the team is mentally and physically prepared for the next game.”

When Manatee played against Cole’s old team last season, Manatee won the game. During his first game last season at LHS Cole had 12 yards receiving. Ramsey has clearly made a major leap in just one year. We are all incredibly happy to see him play next game and excited  to see how Cole improves over the rest of the season. There is no doubt his will pad the stat sheet week in and week out.