Today’s Transfer Teachers

Megan Noppenberg

The start of a new school year brings teachers new students and students’ new teachers. But this year, the school themselves received new teachers.  

    Moving to a different school is hard on a lot of students and it’s nice to have a teacher that can understand that. Mrs. Jennifer Reynolds is one of the five latest teachers this year. Mrs. Reynolds has been teaching for 24 years, so this transfer was nothing new to her.

“Before this year I taught middle school science and the color guard. It was hard being at middle school and coaching a high school team” she explained.

Wanting to switch schools already, she was excited to discover an opening and did not let that opportunity go to waste. “I’m very happy about this decision; I love being in high school,” said Reynolds.

Although Mrs. Reynolds is no stranger to this school, having both her parents, sister, children, and even herself graduated from this high school. This teacher’s transfer has been smooth and easy!

“All of the adults here have been very kind and helpful, which is very refreshing,” smiled Reynolds.  

Luckily for Mr. Anderson, another transfer teacher, he also 17 years of experience up his sleeve.

“I taught in Sarasota County for 13 years and at Braden River for the last three years,” said Anderson. Despite it being his first-time teaching sophomores and freshmen, Anderson is already likes this change better than before. Just talking to Mr. Anderson, you’ll notice how insightful and talented he is.

After teaching not only English, but Speech, Debate, AP Literature, and in his words, “literally everything in the English language department,” any student would be lucky to get his class.

“I’m still starting to feel out some of my classes, but I think I’ve got some very wonderful kids,” finishes Anderson. 

The only difference between these amazing new teachers and the ones who have been here for a while is their time teaching here. Whether you get a teacher who has been at Manatee since the start of their career or a first-year teacher, each and every one is unique and wonderful.