What does Manatee High do on Halloween night?


Two carved jack-o-lanterns sit on the front porch of a students house.

Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

Halloween is right around the corner and many students are already preparing for a night of scares, parties, and fun. However, many students have or may reach a time where they do not know how to spend the scariest night of the year. To show some fun activities that a student might do on Oct. 31, students were interviewed from several different grade levels. Some were scary, some silly, and some were just that special brand of Hallows Eve weirdness.

A lot of students are unsurprisingly staying home to hand out candy or watch scary movies. This may seem lazy, but it is actually a noble action to sacrifice their Halloween to defend the house and expensive candy by storing it in their stomach cavities. However, some students are actually going trick or treating, like Kendra Sobkowski, who enjoys taking her brother around the block to guilt neighbors out of candy, and watching the movie “The Thing” in the dark.

A pumpkin decoration, seen typically on Halloween night.

Another student, Marcus Smith plans to just ignore the holiday in favor of the exciting activity of sleeping. Not just sleeping, but going to bed early to skip the loud trick or theaters, very riveting. Meanwhile an anonymous student claims he is going to put on a mask and scare the kids around the neighborhood, spreading Halloween terror to the world, but at the cost of hiding in a bush all night long, so it is unclear who is winning in this scenario.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will give a couple students some ideas of what to do, after all Halloween only comes once a year and can be a load of fun with friends or family. Just remember to be safe, but still enjoy yourself on the scariest night of the year.