To Party or Not to Part, that is the Question

Are hurricane parties a Florida past time or a disregard for human life?

The biggest question students have when a hurricane rolls around is what are they going to do. Between schoolwork and the uncertainty whether or not the power is going to go out, students turn to another alternative. Hurricane parties are a popular pass time in Florida.

Hurricane parties are things that many people think about, not just students. Typically during a hurricane party, the storms are never predicted to be too horrible, much the same way that Irma was supposed to be tame, which is what makes it rather enjoyable. It is easy to make fun out of a natural disaster when you know that you are not going to be as affected as others. But what the real question comes down to is whether hurricane parties are responsible or not.

When a hurricane party is put into simple words, it is easily known not to be a responsible thing. When you know that there is something that will put many people in danger, but create it to be your own fun, it is clearly not a responsible thing. It can also be extremely unsafe for those that are participating in the party.

Many people will spend their time sitting on their open back porches or near windows just to watch the destruction and damage that happens in not only their backyard, but of those around them. It not only creates a horrid “excitement” from others demise, but it also puts those watching for it in danger. There is really no way to have a responsible, or safe, hurricane party.

So why do we continue to have them when we know that it is not in our best benefits to? To put it plainly: being around your friends while watching things get destroyed is fun. Watching a backyard neighbor’s gate fall off with your closest friends and family is what brings us the enjoyment of it all.

Despite the parties being potentially dangerous, it seems to be that there may be a method to this madness. In a way, hanging out with your friends during a natural disaster can relieve the stress and fear behind the event. The whole concept seems to be a slightly morbid way of coping during a frightening time.

While the majority of the time hurricane parties are not too big of a deal, Hurricane Ian is hitting our area directly. It would be dangerous and irresponsible to party this time around. What is best for a time like this is too stayed informed and prepared.