Just Roll With It!

Dungeons & Dragons club offers a place for all.

The Dungeons and Dragons club is really making an impact here at MHS. The club focuses on the tabletop role-playing game of the same name. Players are allowed a fair amount of freedom while playing. The game set-up follows a group of players with characters which they play as through the full course of the story. The dungeon master creates and weaves the plotline as the story progresses. Dungeon masters will oversee dictating combat, fleshing out settings, allowing actions, and much more. Although it is an overly complicated game many find it to be a wonderfully fun challenge.

Although the club has only recently started club members are still elated about the possibilities of the club. One member said, “I like Dungeons and Dragons because it lets you socialize.” Many people are drawn specifically to the game to be an outlet for creativity. Others just find the game to be a beautiful social game which allows for anonymity while still letting people interact and have fun. The game has a long history and was originally created in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules Inc.  

The game allows players to create characters to play through a plotline which is overseen by the dungeon master. The game features many usual features of tabletop roleplaying games. There are five main iterations of the game. The club specifically plays version 3.5. The game also features a robust class system with many different races.

“The cool thing about dungeons and dragons is that you spend all this time putting things into your character, and at any moment they can just die, and it’s all gone,” said Mr. Rice, the sponsor of the club. Druids are magic users who have power over animals and plant life, just one of the many classes which you can play in the game.

The dungeon master plays a very vital role clearly. A dungeon master plays an important role; they are in charge of making sure everything stays on course. They are in charge of maintaining a certain amount of civility in the story. A dungeon master’s job is to make sure everyone is having fun; the story should always take a second place. They are also in charge of combat and action rolls. All and all a dungeon master’s job is like a supervisor while the players have their fun. The club meets every Monday after school, even if you have not been with the club the entire time anyone is welcome to join.