Pretty in Pink

Pink-Out’s Purpose

Last Week on October 28th, Manatee High School did their annual pink-out football game. They painted parts of the field pink to raise breast cancer awareness, a disease which affects millions of women each year. This game is usually played during the month of October which is dedicated to bringing breast cancer awareness. Every person attending this game showed their support by sporting a pink colored garment.

Senior Night

Senior night is an event where senior students are appreciated for their hard work and dedication to extra curricular activities like sports and arts. The event took place before the game in the stadium. One by one students walked with their family members receiving recognition for their devotion. The atmosphere was bittersweet as the seniors were saying their goodbyes to the past and hello to their next chapters of life. Tears were shed among family members and friends as they relished one of the last moments of their high school experience.

Along with this heartfelt moment, Mr. Stallard, our football coach and accounting teacher, was congratulated for his 50th year working at Manatee. Players that he used to coach in the past recorded and displayed their gratitude towards him along with staff from Manatee.


The pink-out game, Manatee’s last home game of the 2023 year, was played against Palmetto High School. Because it was the district game, school spirit was at an all time high. The stadium was filled with cheering students sending words of encouragement to the players. During the first quarter Manatee had a score of seven which continued into the second quarter. Unfortunately, Palmetto was winning with a nine points ahead of Manatee. 

During halftime, both schools had their respective band, color guard, and dance teams perform in order to drum up excitement. For Manatee, fellow senior Katie Evans had the amazing opportunity to conduct the school’s marching band. She described the moment, “it felt great to have a big audience and I just wanted to make it a performance they would remember… for conducting it feels great being up there and being able to perform with the band!”

During the third quarter Manatee started gaining momentum as they were able to score seven more points. Palmetto wasn’t going down without a fight because they, as well, managed to score seven more points. Tension was high during the fourth quarter as Manatee was slowly starting to catch up to Palmetto. Alas, Palmetto came out victorious with 26 points compared to Manatee’s 21 points. Even though manatee lost, parents and students alike were still proud and congratulated the players for their efforts.