Free Shavocado at Casa Del Taco


Does Free Shavocado ring a bell? I think we all have seen the viral video that circulated around during the period of time that Vine dominated the internet. After this hysterical video blew up patronage for the restaurant, Del Taco, been swinging for the fences after opening a new location just down the street. So of course, I had to try it for myself. 

Immediately as we pulled up to the parking lot, the first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh the exterior looked. We walked past the lengthy line of cars lined up in the drive through and arrived inside. The interior followed suit with the brilliant expectations that were set by the exterior. The walls were painted with murals, some featuring a comedic play on words, like “fresh as del,” and the seating was comfortable and clean. The workers taking our order were genuinely nice and inviting.

My second time going to Del Taco, I got lucky. The manager was there and quite interactive with the customers, so I was able to ask him a few questions. “We’ve all had such a fun time opening, despite running into a few setbacks with construction. We have been packed all week,” he said.

I asked him if they were having any beef with Taco Bell to which he replied, “Of course, but ours is better.” During the first week of Del Taco’s opening, Taco Bell’s sign read “She’s a 10 but she eats at Del Taco,” a humorous and taunting display of a budding rivalry towards Del Taco. 

Although the menu was Mexican cuisine, it also featured hamburgers and chicken tenders. However, The feature that put them ahead of Taco Bell is the prices. My group of 5 was able to eat full meals – and nachos of course – for under $50. The nachos arrived first, the chips were topped with spicy queso, refried beans, and ground beef. They were hot, crispy, and quite delicious.

“Being so used to Taco Bell’s soggy and room temperature nachos, I was not expecting much. I was very pleasantly surprised,” said my mother, a longtime customer of Taco Bell.

I had to order their namesake, tacos. After my tacos arrived, the sheer amount of cheese topped on them was a little more than I enjoyed, but that did not take away from the taste of the rest of the taco. The hard shell was firm and support, staying together when I took a bite instead of crumbling in my hands like the hope and dreams of the U.S. Men’s soccer team. The meat was flavorful and the avocados were a perfect touch. Although the restaurant’s name does not make sense, their food definitely does.

“Though the quesadilla was not outstanding, it was flavorful and delicious. I liked the sauce,” said my friend. “It was better than the cold quesadilla I got from Taco Bell. I will not forget that Taco Bell.”

Of course, the food was not five-star restaurant beautiful, but it is the best at what it does: Mexican fast food. I would easily recommend this establishment and am looking forward to coming again. Though it may be hard to catch up to Taco Bell as Manatee Avenue has been their home for a long time, Del Taco is sure to give them a run for their money.