Santa Claus is back in town with his newly anticipated Christmas show. Bringing back one of our favorites, Scott Calvin, in a fun filled adventure stating that This Family Sleighs, but does it? Disney officially announced that the show would be released on November 16th, 2022. This brought in an uproar of excitement from all Christmas movie lovers. The last movie was released in 2006, so the anticipation for these familiar faces returning to the screen was remarkably high. But it did not last for long. After the first two episodes were released, many thought that Tim Allen’s new Santa was “cranky and conservative.” With the constant cheesy remarks, numerous viewers thought that the once stereotypical Christmas films should have taken a more modern approach.  

The old 1994 Santa Claus movie was a global success. Reaching screens in almost every movie theater across America and making close to 200 million dollars in the box office. The movie trilogy follows Scott Calvin’s journey into becoming Santa Claus while still trying to maintain a steady relationship with his family. This Christmas film trilogy is one of the most popular to watch throughout the holiday season, but should the franchise have ended at the movies? The comical and once cheesy Santa Claus is now getting washed up and annoying, leaving the audience disappointed. With remarks many find inappropriate, it has left this show in deep water.  


Episode three of Disney’s new Christmas show has left a bad impression on the media. Many parents have stated that they wouldn’t want their young children to watch a show that discusses inappropriate matters, but there are a few specific moments that have caught their attention. In the stated episode, elves are seen holding signs with a single letter mistakenly spelling out ‘We Love You Satan’ instead of ‘We Love You Santa’ which Santa soon fixes. Although they meant it as a joke, many people didn’t find it funny. It has left parents questioning why this show is geared towards young impressionable children. But it didn’t end just there. In the show, Santa is asked what is bothering him in which he responds, “Saying Merry Christmas to all has suddenly become problematic!” Numerous viewers have come out to say that such complex topics should be left out of kids shows. It’s truly strange how this is included in a PG rated show. 

The Clause family is one of the most well-known families in the entire world. Reaching millions of households across the nation. The movies bring smiles to everyone, but after hearing that the series was renewed for season two, it has left viewers wondering if this show even deserves a second chance.