Chess Club Changes the Game

Maximus MacArthur, Staff Writer

A new move for this semester from the chess club as they prepare for their big tournament. The chess club is an afterschool group which play and practice chess. On Wednesdays they meet and sign up to play against each other for fun. This week they held a bracket tournament with the winner getting a prize. 

People from all backgrounds of chess are able to participate. “The club is a really cool place where we can all come together to learn and play chess!” says Nathanael Dault.

From people who’ve never played to masters of the game, the club president is widely accepted as one of the best players in the school. Anyone who has attempted to play Nathanael Dault knows what a great player he is. Along with being the president of the club, Nathaniel founded the club a few years ago with Mrs. Sotomayer as the club’s sponsor.  

“Chess is basically just about moving your pieces to capture the other player’s king,” said Junior Angelo Zegarra-Paredes. Anyone interested in playing chess should pass by the club. It’s a fun and positive environment that welcomes anyone interested in playing. 

In conclusion, the chess club is a great place full of people all interested in one of the greatest games of all. Make sure to swing by Wednesdays.