Road Work? Not this time.

Driving to school is stressful for both students and parents. May it be the traffic, pedestrians, constant red lights, or having to get there on time, the one thing that I can always count on is the roads that take me there. Or so I thought.  

Currently, two popular roads that lead into the school are under construction. Not only does this create a major inconvenience for those driving to and from school, but it also removes a pickup option for students that cannot drive themselves.

33rd St. Ct. W. has been under construction for the entirety of the 2022-2023 school year so far. Because some students can no longer wait by that road for their ride, they need to walk to other places by the school to get picked up. 30th St. W. is a much smaller road than that of 33rd, and since becoming a popular place for students to now wait by, it has become crowded and hard to find the car you are looking for.

“Having to take a detour to a different road is so inconvenient for me personally. Since the road has been closed, I have been being picked up on a street much further away. It is a little annoying to me that I must walk across the school to get on the right street to get picked up, but what can you do I guess?” said Ava Wood (10). 

The construction taking place on multiple roads around our school has been nothing but a bother for both parties involved – because I am sure these workers do not enjoy having to pause their work to wait for the mass number of cars every 7am and 2pm.

It would be better to move the construction to the summer. Not only does that not disrupt the natural flow of pick-ups and drop-offs during school, but it also gives these workers more time to work on the roads during the day. There is no telling how long the construction will take and having the traffic from school hours could cause it to take longer.

“It sure is taking a while,” laughs Ms. Sharpin. 

However, the workers are not to blame. The powers that be – those of the county and beyond – are the ones to blame. We are just the ones left to be the victims of inconvenience and mismanagement.