Ballroom Dance

Abigail Haas, Staff Reporter

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By: Abigail Haas, Staff Reporter

Ballroom dance club was created 12 years ago, it has grown throughout the years by improving professionally from having well known teachers, and students who are very eager to be apart of the club. Students that join, learn a lot about different styles of dance and get some insight of different cultures and it shows  students how to work well as a team.

Ballroom dance began when a freshman student named Mason (last name wanted to remain unknown) brought the idea of a dance club to attention by talking to teachers, and an email was sent out to them and the ballroom dance club became an official Manatee High School club. After a few years, Tess Chowie, who owns Sara Bay dance, took over the club and it became very professional and serious because they began to compete at competitions and learn different styles of dance. 

“One of them is called spring fling and the other one is world promotions. One of them is usually in Orlando and the other one is either st. Pete or Tampa, and the one in the fall, if you just joined this year, your not really ready for the one in the fall, but if your with us from the beginning of the school year usually by spring time,” explained Mrs. Coates, one of the directors of ballroom dance club.

When they compete they have to arrive at the competition around 8:00 A.M. and they leave around 5:00 P.M. Many of the competition styles include the Merengue, Cha-Cha, Rhumba, and more. The ballroom dance club members also have to dress appropriately depending on the style of the songs. Many of them wear makeup and they usually wear dresses.

“The girls if their doing the smooth dances which would be the waltz the fox trot, they are going to wear long gowns and if it is the Latin dances, the Cha Cha and the Mirangae and the Rumba, then they wear… the Latin apparel… and the boys usually wear black slacks with a white or a black shirt, and then the boys pin a number on their back and that is how the judges will rate each event so each song that they get out and do they usually do about 30 each,” mentioned Mrs. Coates.

In the dance club there are not as many members as there used to be because before it was a during school activity instead of it being an after school activity. The students that join even with the club being after school, show more interest in it.

“You get to learn different types of dances and you get to make new friends. You get to have a lot of fun dancing around the dance room having fun with friends,” said Danica Kormansek, a ballroom dance club member.