A Paper for the Students by the Students.



A Paper for the Students by the Students.

A Paper for the Students by the Students.


The Jaguars are……Good? 

The Jaguars are......Good? 

After last year’s late season rally, the Jacksonville jaguars are doing something they haven’t done since the nineties. WIN. Halfway through the 2023 season, the Jacksonville jaguars are a very respectable 6-2. This is a far cry from the usual performance from the Jags. They are only beat out by the lions in the commonly accepted worst franchises in the NFL. After the midway of last season, the jaguars won out until their 2nd round playoff loss to the chiefs. While most people wrote it off as a 6 straight fluke wins, I think something miraculous has happened. 

The jags this year have been near the top of every power ranking this year. While they haven’t had any flashy blowout wins, they have played really good football.  While last year the offense was the star of the show, the defense has been locking teams up.  

That said, that doesn’t mean the offense won’t get it together later in the year. If the current defense plays with an activated jaguars’ offense, they will be unbeatable. The main threat that the Jaguars face is the new Texans. I say new Texans as CJ stroud is currently rebelling against the legacy of failure at the Texans. He has already broken several rookie QB records and the battle for AFC south is heating up with two very up and coming teams. 

Impact Players 

Josh Allen: No, not that Josh Allen. Josh Allen is also a linebacker for the jags. He has 9 sacks a year and is on track for more than the best season of his career.  His pressures and pass deflections are pillars of the jags defense, and he is undoubtedly an impact player.  

Travis Etienne: First round picks out of Clemson; Travis Etienne has been heating up in recent weeks. The jaguars usually have a decent run game, but Etienne has been playing great. 6 touchdowns in the last 5 games and averaging 4 yards per carry, Travis Etienne is causing headaches for Defensive coordinators all over the NFL. 

Trevor Lawrence: Trevor Lawrence, while not playing his absolute best, has been playing at an elite level. Trevor Lawrence is not a Star Super bowl MVP QB. What he is, is the spiritual leader of the Jags. He is leading them and when he gets hot, he goes to the playoffs and comes back from a 28 to 0 half. 

Calvin Ridley: Calvin Ridley is a bit of an oddity. One year, he is a top five receiver talent. Another, Jake Bobo is outperforming him. If he plays like he did last year, Trevor Lawrence will have another weapon he can count on. Something the Jags offense desperately needs 

Christian Kirk: Christian Kirk is playing awesome this year. He is proving that the Kirk and Ridley combination makes the Jaguars receiver core one of the best in the NFL 

Doug Peterson has really turned things around in Jacksonville. The Jaguars have had some low scoring ugly wins because of their elite defense. If their offense follows suit, they will will be super bowl candidates.  

(Update: They Suck) 

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