Gallo’s lasting Manatee experience

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Gallo’s lasting Manatee experience

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By: Alexis Peck, News editor

Gene Gallo was awarded Manatee High School’s Outstanding Alumni in 2007 with his name being engraved on the plaque that hangs up in the front office. He graduated in 1957, Gallo absolutely loved his experience at Manatee, it taught how great the communities of Bradenton and Manatee High School are and made him stick around and be an vital participant in our school and community.

Gene Gallo attending a Bradenton City Council re-election. Photo Credit: Bradenton Herald

“My life at Manatee was fantastic, it was a great time to be a student,” Gallo stated in his interview.

Gallo is still consistently involved with our school. He was the President of the Band Booster for two years, President of the Football Booster for 16 years. He served on many committees as well, like selection for new principals, football coaches and reconstructing buildings and other architecture at Manatee High School.

Gallo is still involved with his former high school. He is a member of the directors of Manatee Football Broadcaster, an active football booster, as well as working with the Manatee Alumni Association. The Manatee Football Broadcaster is a radio show that live broadcasts the football games so that anyone who can not make it to the games have easy access to play by play game coverage. NEWS TALK 930 WLSS sponsors this program, on the website you can listen to past football games.
Initially, Gallo had wanted to own and operate a TV shop, both selling and service. All throughout his high school career he worked towards that goal and tried to achieve it. In 1957, his senior year, Mr. Gallo decided to take an electronics course, which was a three hour class, to help his dream career progress into reality. As Gallo grew up, however, his dreams and aspirations altered as well. In 1960, he became a firefighter for the city of Bradenton. He loved serving and aiding everyone in the city who needed his help. With a lot of studying and hard work, Gallo worked his way up the ladder and moved from the rank of a general firefighter to the Chief of the City of the Bradenton Fire Department. He served for the Fire Department for a total of 31 and a half years. He was the fire Chief for 11 years. Finally, he retired in 1992, but continued to serve the public as a city commissioner and to this day still does.
“I really mean a privilege. God works in my life and I’ve been praying on this decision and He has not put up a single block to say this is not what I should do,” Gallo  stated in a Bradenton Herald article about his service as a city councilman.
On the contrary to belief that people do not and can not stay in touch with people from their high school experience, Mr. Gallo is still in contact with his acquaintances and friends from over 50 years ago.
Gallo along with many other people that are important to the community have rooted right here from Manatee High School and the City of Bradenton has an immense amount of gratitude for him and his work.